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Key to Saskatchewan's Sport Fish

Species Identification

A "Key to Saskatchewan's Sport Fish" is provided to aid anglers in identifying the fish they catch. This key does not include all 75 species found in Saskatchewan, but does include those 24 which are most commonly encountered by anglers.

To use the key, it is best to have the fish in front of you rather than trying to remember its characteristics. We understand that this might be a little messy (unless the fish is frozen). But maybe a picture of the fish would help.

Simply start at the beginning and see which of the two alternatives is appropriate for your fish. Then move to the second two alternatives and so on, until the fish is identified.

One more thing. Some of the pages contain diagrams of two fishes. The diagrams are simply provided to assist you in finding the anatomic features. Do not compare the two fish. Rather, choose from the text alternatives below the diagram. Click on the option that matches the fish you are attempting to identify.


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